No-Fuss Succulents for Gardeners Without a Green Thumb

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Let’s be honest. It’s easy to be envious of those with green thumbs because everything these folks touch seems to grow and bloom like a superstar.

Having attractive plants indoors and outdoors help beautify a home, but if you’re not the best gardener and would like to add more greenery, think succulents.


Desert Oasis

These striking plants come in unique shapes, sizes, and colors and don’t require much tender loving care. By following a few simple rules, no-fuss succulents can create the garden paradise you dream about.

These desert lovelies always make an interesting focal point to any botanical display and grow independently.

Succulent Basics

Nursery experts recommend these tips for growing goof-proof succulents:

  1. Succulents love the sun. Direct sunlight is best.
  2. As houseplants, succulents adore dry air placement.
  3. Drainage matters in the pot you choose. The roots cannot stand in water at any time.

Jade Plant

Jade Plant (Crassula ovata) is an elegant succulent that resembles the growth of a tree with its strong, thick trunk and branches. It’s almost impossible to kill, and the plant is believed to bring good luck.

According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, the jade plant is hardy and lives a long time. It can even be grown new from mature leaves. Place the leaves stem-side down in a good-draining soil. New roots will begin to sprout in a few weeks.

Pearly Dots Plant

Pearly Dots Plant (Haworthia margaritifera) is another stunning succulent that provides eye-catching interest. The plant features pretty, small white bumps on the surface of their long, pointy-ended leaves.

The Zen Succulent recommends the plant because it prospers on neglect, and indirect sunlight is the succulent’s favorite.

Snake Plant

Snake Plant (Sansevieria) always makes the top list for easy growing succulents. It’s a glamorous, tall vertical plant that decorators fall in love with. The leaves of the succulent resemble swords.

The experts at Den Garden say the snake plant only needs to be watered once a month and thrives in four to six hours of sunlight daily. The plant isn’t fussy about being root-bound and can be repotted every four years or so.

Burro’s Tail Plant

Burro’s Tail Plant (Sedum Morganianum) shows off a gorgeous, braided pattern to its lush leaves. The trailing plant is a favorite of beginners and makes for an amazing hanging plant.

Joy Us Garden says the plant prefers bright light and watering once a month. It’s a non-toxic plant to dogs and cats.

Burro’s Tail is generally insect-free, but aphids can annoy it. That’s easily solved with a spritz of rubbing alcohol and water on to the leaves.


Echeveria Plant

Echeveria Plant (Crassulaceae genera) is one of the most attractive-looking succulents with ornamental beauty. These rosette-shaped plants come in appealing colors and varieties and prefer growing in an unglazed clay pot or outdoors in a warm garden bed.

Succulents.net (http://www.succulents.net/) says that Echevaria grows slowly, doesn’t spread and reaches no more than 12 inches in height.

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